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Program Management Office
Whenever an organization sets its aim towards achieving something, it sets in motion a chain of events. Transforming ideas into reality can be quite complicated; it is evident by the many stories of failed management initiatives. There are many obstacles standing in the way of successful implementation, and they could strike at any stage of the process from many different directions. With BACE program management services, our clients can gain the benefit of our great experience in planning, implementing, and accomplishing projects. Our consultants mobilize BACE's specialist project management practices and tools, and work closely with clients to demolish all obstacles standing in the way of a successful project. From the beginning, we ensure that everyone is working on the same, fact-based game plan, with everyone knowing where they are going, and why and how they are going there. BACE helps organizations set objectives and approaches for project leadership, communications, team selection, and assignment. BACE helps clients stay on top of all changes in their organization, ensuring that everything gets done correctly and on time, and that all critical issues are identified early on and resolved. We also help our clients measure the real business impact of the project with tailored performance measurement dashboards and scorecards.

The nature of BACE's project management approach means that it can be applied to almost any project and in any organization. Whether you need to design and launch a new e-sales portal, test and run new merchandizing schemes, or reorganize your various human resources department and replace them with a new shared service, BACE has the knowledge, skills and tools to get the job done, both effectively and on time.